Friday, September 28, 2007

Why "bloga G"?

My first name is a very common Hebrew name . (It also is imposable for anyone with an American accent - like I have - to pronounce, but that's another story. ) So I have always been known by my first name and last initial - G.

Last June the 12th grades had a rapper character in their end-of-the-year play, who spoke English and had a big G hanging from his neck. (I was very flattered, by the way.) Ever since then, a lot of people have been calling me "bloga G" (not bloga, but my name) with the emphsis on the G.

And I can also say "visit me at bloga G" - it rhymes!


muse said...

welcome to the jblogging world "me" g.

shabbat shalom and chag sameach

SephardiLady said...

I've heard playa, hustla, balla, but never bloga. Welcome.